This piece of writing really touched me on many levels. At the core, a woman or man should feel 100% empowered and free to choose their sexual intimacy partners as long as both partners in the relationship consent since the power base for maintaining the relationship is equal.

The big question IMO for you and him and really not for any of us is since your husband has consented to making sure you are the fullest human being and free (and you always love him and cherish him) and has shown extreme vulnerability is:

Will you do whatever it takes to help him lift himself sexually and be your equal, since from your writing it appears his skills are weaker/substandard/not as desirable.

If we treat this as two warriors standing hip-to-hip, how can you help inspire him to be a better lover and have the skills to rock your world. E.g. do you become his wing “chick” and help him find other females to learn and gain confidence to bring it back home? Do you use radical candor in his shortcomings and drive him to become a jedi master in the bedroom for you?

Etc. Not for me to know or hear, but is this something you are comfortable with doing?

He has put himself in the situation by nearly paralyzing himself in a sport (don’t know the full story so please understand that I am not trying to be to insensitive), but he has done the impossible in healing and by showing strong masculinity in being vulnerable and letting go to ensure he didn’t hinder you.

He is fighting and I have no doubt you rock his world and excite him. Your story is an inspiration on many levels, and where it helps me in my personal travels is in making sure my partner in crime has what she needs to be the best she can be.

Be well

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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