This resonates because I find a beautiful place in a beautiful land (Texas), and then things start to creep in. My sleep goes even worse, I feel like hell, I am grumpy and the bourbon and my usual coping mechanisms fail. I laugh that I am a wet guy living in a dry city in a wet county where booze has to be bought and brought home to drink

Then I "man up" get therapy and become a feminist and fix me, quit drinking and smoking and become a real masculine man.

I find out that every blade of grass and every tree is a CAT IV reaction to life. I get the drugs and I fight and think I am winning ... then mother nature says .. ha you silly man. I am going to fuck your life without consent, well you gave it when you moved her so suck it up butter cup.

Boom baby. Boom.

Now I fight with P100 masks, bought a water rower and a treadmill and now am forcing myself to fight every day. Watch what I eat and will beat this back, because as a real liberal feminist man I will win and I will be whole.

Thankfully though I am not allergic to eggs, but when the allergies hit me hard, oh boy do I pay with milk based products.

My comment which you should know well.

I know what it would be like to have Chuckie the doll with his knife slashing the insides of my lower GI and stomach for hours. Or to feel like a poor african person with diarrhea 4x a week.

Now with the drugs that on shot day or when the allergies kick in make me fell like George Foreman punched me in the lung .... I live and win.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.