This resonates with me since I felt that every day for decades. To cover it up good food and booze, as I was in a committed relationship so toxic transactional sex wasn't happening.

Fast forward to now, that I don't feel. I will talk to body positivity, and the reality is even though I used to have the six pack and all that, what happened with trauma made it all go away.

So with close friends (and I really really need to trust someone), they will get to see pictures of myself or other shares since I do not like sharing pics. So for me when I see women talk to dick pic's I am like really WTF fuck no.

So for me ... I get this 110%. Now I am dreaming and fantasizing about the six pack I used to have and am preparing to fight that battle. But is it for society?

Fuck no. It is because it is to repair the damage from the self medication of food and booze. To flip the finger at the assaults and say you don't own me or the damage you created anymore.

Plus, if I can go look like good man candy for my special people and friends ... game on ....

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