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2 min readOct 27, 2021


This says it all. I am a good person becomes I am a feminist (but mumbles my feminism is conditional).

Just because you are a minority in one case doesn't mean you can be prejudiced and a bigot. So you can be Obama and Trump at the same time, that is what can warp the minds of some folks not understanding that there are multiple levels of privilege on the identity politics stage of life.

My favorite are the SJW that state I am going to report a person on a closed social media platform to his employer.

Everyone that I have known that says or does this, usually are unemployed or highly underemployed and on the tax accountability scale as a citizen have near zero rep.

Now my view on him is comedians in a way are a protected class, because this is what they do for a living. They dance in the gray getting as close to the black or white as they can, to make people laugh or feel better or to be able to scream FU to release pain.

Average joe/jane ... no.

Now what the skit does show is this ... no matter the political or social mores of people. Most people believe in the true binary view of gender, some refuse to acknowledge their bias and dance in bigotry all night long.

As for me, I love women (trans and cis). I have a very strong sense of where my masculinity is and it isn't. There are some transgender women out there I know who would be the perfect for me, just like there maybe a transgender man is the same in return.

People seriously need to stop making gross assumptions of people. Now that being said, I have seen a meme slinger who stated he doesn't give AF ... take down and Alec Baldwin post because it "offended" people.

In life, you will never ever please everyone. The key is being of good heart, intent and mind.

As for Dave Chappelle, he is talking to the gross hypocrisy of it all. Just like he did in the SNL skit when Trump won ... we use comedy to wrap around trauma and pain so it neutralizes each other. They are both necessary, and if we strike one, the other one becomes grossly more powerful.



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