This still reminds me of the 90s when a buddy of mine was like man, I like my "b*tches" tight, whatcha think "Big Al" ...

I shook my head and said man you don't get it. If it is wet and loose she is digging it. High tight it will be a frightful night.

Now at that time I was hosting after-after parties so we could watch Shaft.

Can you dig it.

In 2020, I still can't believe people don't understand how women work. Even me being horribly broken figured that out.

My friends always asked dude why do you do all that laundry on Sunday nights. I was like I ran out of bed sheets bro, and I like to sleep fresh.

Biological males want it dry and tight, real men want her happy, fast, independent, wet and loose. If you are worried you won't measure up, let me give you a hint ... she is in your bed she doesn't care as there is something about you that she "really" "really" likes.

I just don't get how so many guys in this age of disconnect given by mother nature haven't figured out women really like men and wanting to have sex is natural. FFS .... Mother nature is probably slapping her hand on her forehead saying WTF I need to provide more blood flow to run two brains in a man.

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