This to me is the greatest tragedy of it all. We can work and hopefully soon get the equality desired in work and other areas.

But then a lot of women when the hard work of fighting through the maze of shit and crap and building a solid home and life.

Wake up and say … WTF what happened to the male gender.

It is just horrible to watch happen.

For the record, life ain’t great in my partnership due to a lot of disconnects and traditional programming of the worst kind. It epically sucks.

I do try, but now in life and with people around me when we talk and these topics come up … I have a zero tolerance policy for slut shaming and the use of the derogatory word whore.

I shared this elsewhere (repeat story). Watching “Kill the Irishmen” with my partner, and the lead character (Danny Green) is in a woman’s apartment (younger) … she comes out in nothing but a t-shirt with the obvious intention of sex. My partner said what a whore. I corrected her immediately and stated, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wanting and desiring sex with a man. Zero wrong.

Nothing more was said … what sucked was I was feeling in the mood and was interested in going there, but after that … nope … yuck can’t do it. (sucks being a demisexual whose heart is tied to his cock ….).

I so hate seeing good and fantastic women suffer, because I can empathize that was the shit show of my life in sexual intimacy. IT is a level of hell on earth that no person should ever have to live with …. EVER.

What is worse to me is seeing good women that I am platonic friends with literally give up because they are like the pool of guys just doesn’t exist.

As others have called out men do have to step up, but frankly it looks more and more like guys have realized they just don’t have what it takes and have given up.

This isn’t feminism’s thing to fight for (obviously) but I am at a loss for how our society can bootstrap ourself up. As a guy it means zero/bumpkiss … but I am sorry that you and other women are living in this hell ….

Thank you for a fantastic article and sorry for the long winded rant.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.