To be desired by another is a core thing all humans need, the issue I believe as we all age is the trauma knick knacks we collect and store in baggage get in the way of being "seen" and create obstacles in our path to fulfillment.

If one looks at our constitution, it has a concept of the pursuit of happiness. People that are not mindful or graceful or thoughtful, will assume it is all about happiness.

It isn't.

It is about the fulfillment of doing things for ourselves and others on the pursuit of life that makes us and others happy.

That takes having true life and liberty.

Folks today wish and are so scared of whatever goes bump in the night in their head they trade their liberty for the illusion of life.

I want to get a dopamine hit from my phone looking at a woman's butt or legs or body or hair or makeup or whatever, that I am envious of or lusting at or desiring.

When that dopamine hit wears off, they then may take the leap into doing some of the work that gives them what they think they desire.

So my view is this:

To be visible is to be a rich, vibrant person who loves what they do, gives little to no "fucks" what people think (as long as the intent and end action is ok and no freedom restricting to another), and just lives to their fullest.

It was your work and your words that drew my attention to the firefly of your soul. The friends that circled around also attracted me to their work. One of those fireflies said hey you have talent, want to join my publication? I was like I am no writer, I am no one (I am invisible and just a commenter) ... and with her help well you see my poetry.

I meet folks like Joe and Vannesa, and Ena, And Demeter etc and I start to realize these awesome fireflies are similar to me at the heart of a soul.

At that point we learn, that we all can be seen together, warmer, brighter, and more whole.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.