To give you an example and a personal share …. I have clocked over 1.5 million miles (ass in seat miles), and have traveled. I only settled down in a house and home on 2015/11/01

I have both the traveling mindset and appreciation for setting down roots.

What I see in your writing which if it mimics your soul is a very strong feminine spirit. Full of energy because you are embracing you inner male spirit of confidence and risk taking.

That desire to go and do, travel, flirt, and love many is extremely attractive.

Why? I have been hurt hard due to trauma, and for me I need emotional connection, communication and trust to be all-in with my partner. That means what I can learn from one like that is how to love and be open and be free to love on demand with whomever, and what I can teach (the missing puzzle piece to a person with your skills and traits) is the ability to have unconditional love from someone with a deep well of love to give.

I am partnered up right now, and work with and through my issues (albeit not good some days :) ), but I share as a friend to give you a perspective so you can grow and be whole.

As for your example, I would have said … you are traveling? Great, be free and enjoy whomever you like. All I ask is you document and share and be open and honest. Tell me what you liked and what you didn’t so maybe I can learn to enhance myself to be stronger in areas you need.

So you go grab that thigh ….. make him gasp and go get some :) and when back we can talk and share … and maybe you can help me gain the confidence to feel confident in the same way.

I hope that helps … and I am sorry if that seems a bit personal, but I wanted to elaborate how the missing puzzle piece works ….

Never forget when you are down or someone gaslights you … you are beautiful and amazing and that person is just jealous of your beauty, charm, and confidence that you have where they don’t.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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