To have a conversation means listening to the person's points and then asking, what are your facts to base it, and then going back and forth.

Once "checked" most people turn to generalizations and attack the messenger, or they will call out a person's fault or "I have even had 'you play both sides'".

One such guy used to troll me, and my comment to him was it wasn't a weakness to attack a point with facts or to say you don't know. It is a weakness to attack the person like you just did with troll like methods.

The person never responded ever again.

I used to go to places like FB for conversations and debate, but what I have found is folks totally lack the education, time and research to do such.

One of the comments recently that surprised someone, was I quoted a fact about the number of rockets launched at Isreal (he made a reference to a COVID vaccine discussion about Israel and rockets.

He was like "why did you post those facts and data?" I stated you raised points and I researched them and actually it was worse.

Now I waited 24 hours before posting my final blow.

His view was he feared going into Northern Florida oceans and getting attacked by Alligators.

I found a reference in 2012 by the Croc Docs and a FL university that stated only 1 preventable death all year by this situation. "1" ....

It flew into my commentary that I used from facts that 2-5 people per million have severe vaccine issues. There are 330 million people in the USA .... so a person is making a fear over 660-1650 people maximum, for which I can bet you dollar to donuts they woudl succumb to COVID in a heartbeat.

But whatever to them ... Dumb and Dumber on front stage in America, where you and others research and write and others just ignore.

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