To rebuild my masculinity required roughly 6 years of hard work and therapy. Tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of work. I even went from being anti-feminist to feminist, switched political parties and deal with it. I even switched from pro-life to pro-choic.

I struggle to see how most guys are willing to do that work. It wasn't easy.

I am married but of course it isn't great or perfect or whatever. I have had therapists tell me (mostly female since I never found a good male one), I shouldn't settle, but even one on our last session (we stopped working and reached the limits [e.g. I am a victim of rape and she couldn't help]) she admitted while she hated to see the sessions end she was hopeful I might get divorced.

I was shocked at that, but then I understood something. An authentic man, let alone a feminist one is a unicorn. Should it be this way? Fuck no, but it is what it is.

It is a harsh reality sadly (not that I like saying this or inferring it), but if a person is desiring a partner and they are alpha from the female side of house. They may need to find the cookie dough of man to work with to help him grow. Otherwise, solo life is the end result in the modern masculinity.

Men are now starting to realize the work that is needed, but given the trauma and pain in life coupled with a lot of one-strike policies ... it will take longer.

Feminism has been actively worked on by quite a few women and some men for over 140 years. A counter equivalent in a postiive way for men is just now starting, so sadly women from the Boomer, X, Y, and Z will have to handle with the imbalance, so a few generations from now both genders can have what is desired now.

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