Toxic Culture of Masculinity is what should have been used with the original definition. The adjective should have been applied to culture “or” personality that gets associated with the gender.

The fact that people are so intellectually lazy to omit a very important word that would have diffused this situation speaks volumes.

Are all men toxic … no … are all women no …

There are toxic actions taken by a person who in a data set gets tied to a particular gender.

Now making a generalized assumption that if someone honestly asks their partner about this and is told nothing by their partner …. wow. Trust runs both ways, and the reality for a lot of violence in our society today especially by men is due to fear and not being able to process anger and loss outside of fight or flight.

Whose fault is that … obviously the end result is the individual, but one can say Patriarchy … but I say American Society. If one side succeeds and the other fails …. we all still fail. There is nothing good in our society today (i.e. the spark is dead)

Given the brute force methods people are employing, and given what people don’t seem to understand very well is that only a small sliver of men get it 100% and a larger group are aware but don’t know how to process it. So by taking the tact people are doing now, men will do what we do under duress, shut down and flee. So yelling Toxic at them while they shutdown will only push them further away, which solves what?

My proof is in the falling birth rates, marriage rates (I don’t blame women at all for this), and I see this going on in the future. People better get used to seeing marriage and children as a fetish and not the norm. Guess what happens when this happens …. civilization slowly collapses and eventually falls in a few generations.

Some people see this as feminist revenge against men …. and as such tune out, and that means folks that have good intentions are shunned, ignored, and fall into the opposite of love …. indifference.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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