Trust me as I am someone that fixed male fragility and toxic culture of masculinity that damaged me in words women don't know [for those that want to see my emotions and passions Toxic Apoclypse is a poem that is my fight for life]

Imagine your worst, and it won't even compare. Why? Because to know how dark it will get means you have to literally embrace the dark passenger and dark abyss where your soul goes dark and all lights go out.

I spent 20 plus years on the edge of the abyss fighting for my masculinity and for the women I love to not fall in (all alone). No community of women to protect me, nothing.

You have no idea how dark it will be. I do. I fought it and won.

The thing is you decide to go hand to hand with this. Your soul will get tainted, so be careful because the revenge you will execute, the mocking you will enjoy will be from the fruit of that poisoned tree.

Being unprepared for that violence, the norm will be in the same realm as a Las Vegas Shooter or a high school boy who was rejected where you daughter goes to school.

I a white male liberal feminist registered republican. I voted for Warren because of her and her roots with Oklahoma since I see her in so many Texas women. You know the type that respects men (not biological males playing the part), holds her ground, and is respectful.

Kamala is the Gen X version of her.

I love women so very much (read my poems and you will see how much). I want her to lead and win. Just like the New Zealand Prime Minister is the #1 leader in my book.

So be careful, learn to lead with kindness, compassion, and care but remember how and when you fight will give you the fleas/ticks when you lay down with demon dogs of hell.

Make sure you hold the line and expectations, be consistent, but also. Watch out for the quiet republicans and conservatives and male that are not supporting this madness. They are like 19th century women before suffrage. Muted and lacking all confidence in themselves.

If in power and in a position of power, be firm and kind but reach out as you will need those allies as they are the ones that know the lay of the land where you are running.

America is a third world country outside of the coasts and urban centers. Neglect is the most severe form of abuse, and you have 50 years of neglect where the only thing that came and talked was a cult of personality that wowed the fly over country.

When the DNC lost Youngstown, Ohio. One of the most democrat focused cities in the State. That should tell you the cost of abandonment.

Romney States + Ohio + Florida + Michigan will win him the election again. California and Texas don't matter.

So one can cringe strategy wise about a PA and CA candidate, since the Midwest will mistrust anyone not from there as much as a DNC person trusts Trump.

So fight be strong, love and care for one another. Also, know there are fighters and warriors out there that to quote Liam Neilsen in Taken, have a certain set of skills ... I am one and there are others, but as a white male I am an ally to others. I step aside to let other lead, but do understand the beasts you are fighting. I know exactly how to kill.

Be well

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.