Um …. Folks in these states can’t even afford food. The problems you are talking about are a first world problem, and most of the areas our third world areas.

Trump precisely showed how out of touch and how rude most people are of the plight of a lot of areas in this country. People worry about powering their smartphones, while people in these areas wonder if they can even flip a light switch on.

The core hypocrisy of this is the accord is toothless. If it allowed a country like the US to impose a 50% tariff on good from China who pollutes more, then great we have a treaty we can work with.

So while people are worried about window dressing, I would strongly suggest that instead of talking about the greatness of the green revolution. Show and implement two jobs for every coal job lost, and then discussions can be had.

As of Sept 2014, 191,000 jobs roughly has been lost in these areas. So show us how these sectors will generate 382,000 jobs that are sustainable and paying to the level of the coal jobs.

What you will see is that the renewables won’t even come close and in fact the jobs they generate are in the hundreds.

Lastly, if they want to fix it, double the electricity rates up and down the costs and take that money and invest it in the core infrastructure and renewable jobs for inside the country. When people are forking over $100–$300 a month to help people in need, then the “talk” will have meaning.

They did a study and found out that people were willing to help at the tune of $1 a month, which isn’t enough.

So yes, I do agree America doesn’t look good; however, frankly the utter contempt and neglect to people inside of deep America is far worse a sin then the verbal pull out of a toothless treaty.

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