Unless a man successfully understands the in's and out's of both his masculine and feminine spirits, and learns to balance it, it will never happen.

I had traumas in my life that I started to attack in 2015, and worked to resolve those issues with therapy. Two things helped me bridge that divide.

Becoming a feminist and when a therapist used transgender women in my therapy. I then saw exactly the fight that I had to fight to reboot my masculinity.

It became very easy for me to see that transgender women are women, and transgender men are men and they have a lot to teach CIS folks about masculinity and femininity.

There is no dysphoria, it is a path that is a helluva a lot harder than anyone that has never went down that road can ever understand.

Good luck on your journey, I wish and hope you well. If I lose my wife or become divorced, I definitely will be on the lookout for wonderful woman who get it (like you).

Be well.

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