Unless a woman loves to shave and it makes her feel good and confident, they should never have too.

I like shaving my face, it makes me feel good that I can make something baby butt smooth. I am not joking as I have a barbarian stubble that can be used as a torture device if I desired it. The fact I can make it smooth ... fun to see

I love the fact that you became hypersensitive, I hated the cost that it incurred. If a guy really really desires this as a preference, as I always said guess what dude.

You are responsible for the care and aftercare to make this happen. You both win. You get the smoothness you desire, and she gets to lay back and enjoy the touching, care, and concern, but don't you dare "stop doing it". You start it, you own it.

Also ... maybe she and you should shave you so you can understand the feeling. Some guys will say fuck dude that is a lot of work! My comment is being with a person you love and want to have sex with shouldn't be work ... I mean seriously as a guy that loves legs, you mean I get to touch them and all my favorite spots? All right lets play! :D

Great article as usual Claire!

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