Up until Gillette dirtied the experience of shaving for me with their use of toxic masculinity in buying blades. I enjoyed taking the time to make my really rough sandpaper skin into baby smooth soft.

I would then use it to touch my partner's face after.

The thing is doing so isn't cheap. I have to use pre-shaving oil, I go through blades that last a month to 5-7 days max, and require preparation.

So in my personal protest I cut back on it and made the blades last a month ... I need to source another vendor to buy blades or learn how to use an old western style single blade for shaving.

I agree with you .. doing the little things and taking care of yourself helps build wonderful confidence that pays back in dividends.

On the breast front, your from how you present them are wonderful and amazing "and real" too. I have a huge disdain for implants, and in fact if I had the choice between a woman being an A cup and augmenting .... give me the A's hands down for it is what nature intended.

That being said if having implants made her feel more womanly ... I will support her.

Thank you for another wonderful article.

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