Very much agree with this, especially for women. The only way a person feels complete is when they feel appreciated and loved fully.

The reality is in life two people rarely fit and match with all goals, and what is worse as life happens

People drift.

I was a road warrior (million miler on AA), and I was a loyal man who didn't cheat, even when the opportunities presented itself (yes from both men and women).

How did I deal with being a high libido when some weekends I was literally only home for 30-40 hours?

You got it ....

I also get the porn aspect. Why? It actually dulls your creative mind. If you can find pictures or images to spice it up and wrap it with erotica, hello good times.

Other fun things is to read forums where people are trying out the acts and items that make you go zoom.

We all own our orgasms ... jack and jill on!

At this point, maybe a TV would be a good thing to have in the bedroom at night. Suggest to your partner why not watch your show in bed, and then out comes your toys and masterbate away.

He can then have a choice ... watch the TV or watch his live action hottie right next to him.

Remember, you can also find toys for him to play with at the same time. There are some good ones from kiiroo and octopuss etc, and say you enjoy you over there and I will get my game on over here.

:) who knows ... maybe something with "come up"

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