Very much agree with this especially for women, but remember when searching for love and companionship to make this part of the relationship dance.

If one finds them so locked into toys and personal enjoyment, the next step when with a partner is to do it together. Tell your partner let's masturbate together, so I can show you what I like.

If one truly enjoys another, one realizes the power of longevity over the desire of the "first" conquest.

We are not a dying race trying to repopulate a planet. We are in a dying state where relationships are so few and far between the darkness is creeping in.

We must learn in our own special ways to connect. Then we might see in the households across the land when the sun goes down. Giggle, vibrating sounds and moans coming from two unique people who then after the act embrace each other.

On the plus side for women, doing this may lead to two wet spots in the bed so everyone equally enjoys the awkwardness :)

My trek out of madness was booze and self love and partnered sex (committed relationship).

Now in my life as I beat back my demons, I am trying to harness my male sexuality flame and control it and shape it, which means conserving it to shoot on the person I care for.

For guys I think this is important because if you do, the blinding light and heat from the passion will make your partner want to want to drop her toy :-). The thing is you can pick it up and say ok .... me and this are going to rock your world.

Then you can enjoy the consensual whimper :)

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