We all become jaded. My family was envious of my life in away. I had a place in the midwest and an apartment in the Bay Area if I wasn’t staying at a hotel. I lived in hotels enough more than a decade-plus ago I slid into Marriots's lifetime platinum (now titanium). Top tier in a lot of things … but we all make our choices.

Now I am settled down (5 years now) in Texas, with the same horse farm and partner and working from home. IF I wasn’t traveling to Europe and America working silly hours getting billed out $350-$450/hr at my top of the game, I was working out of the home. So the new normal for some as been my status quo for two decades.

You are correct after I clicked publish, I stated … you either work to live or live to work but neither do you do both.

Money makes you miserable in nice places, but the dirty secret folks don’t say is without it you have no rights or life at all either. Money or time pick one.

I figured this out early thanks to watching the city of Cleveland go down the tubes. No one gives a shit about you, you either take care of you and your own or people take you. Folks can talk a lot about politics and socialism and whatnot, but I have met people and worked with people from Russia before. It is human nature.

As for taxes … man. That is the ultimate scam. What if they just made it a transactional flat and VAT and no deductions. Then there would be next to no need for tax professionals or attorneys and the 72,000 plus page set of documentation around the tax code would go to one or two pages.

Not enough revenue, torque the percentage up, create a law for something it has to adjust the tax code.

Congratulations on going towards the ‘undefeated” city. That is what is awesome about America. If you are liberal you have dream lands and places you can move to, if you have a conservative bent or rural desires you have places like Texas etc … everyone wins … be well.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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