We all know you love your ass kissed now we know it physically it is true too.

My ass from my partner and past loves is one of my best attributes. In fact a friend from my past I met up saw me bend over to pick something up and she told me damn I didn't realize that about you until now.

An ex black girlfriend told me to watch out since a black guy is jealous that you stole his ass and how the hell did you do that white boy ... (I whispered in her ear .... I am white let me show you the light :) )

The butt is a very sensual place and I hope your partner shows you all the pleasures and pain that one can have with it for there is nothing better then creating goosebumps on a butt .... and then attacking the back of the womans neck right after to make the same bumps appear there too....

You writing and sheer volume of topics is down right amazing ... I am taken a back daily to see what pops up or what you post as it is a moment of joy in my day.

Thank you and best wishes for you and your partner in crime!

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