We are a Republic of 50 states and territories that utilize democratic actions in governance of the people for the people.

Folks that pontificate the view that we are a Democracy must have failed History in their formative days, because each citizen is granted his/her/their power and rights via the state. If you live in a non-state territory, you are bound by the federal government and are represented by the congress and senate and policed by the FBI with coordination through a governor or mayor.

Folks will “complain” about the electoral college not realizing that there are 535 unique ‘zones’ in this country where 50% + 1 vote is required, and the combination requires ~270 votes in our current configuration to win, which is greater than 50%.

The founders explicitly did not want a democracy, because they were learned human beings or realized that every democracy fails. Why? Mob rule and the tick-tock of 50% + 1 voting where a government could become paralyzed by laws being passed then unpassed over and over in a stale mate.

They even admitted they could be wrong too …. why/how? They created the amendment process which allowed people to change the constitution and other laws based upon a super super majority of states and people.

I have no ill will for people who don’t understand these concepts, but I do ask that they have no place in making the decision outside of voting yes or no on a topic. Our country is a layered and complex thing, with checks and balances purposely put in to allow people to move to areas and have localized law making abilities if the “emperor” of the USA decides rules they don’t like. This gives them the ability to work out laws and methods which allow the ability to work out greivances through laws and justice systems versus guns and war.

All laws not purely defined in the constitution are the governed by the states.

This in of itself shows … we are not a democracy …. but a republic of 50 unique states bonded together with a constitution that uses democracy.

Republic is the noun democracy is the verb ….

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