We are living the 1960's and 1970's again (i.e. before I was born). We have inflation, shortages, and a very uncertain economy.

The reality is this, people did not vote for the economy in 2018 and 2020. Folks have been warned this comeuppance was coming from 2006 through 2020, and now it is here.

$900 billion or so a year for two decades in the hole, and then we have the huge stimulus in 2008, 2010, and 2020/2021. If the interest rates go to 3% at prime rates we spend more on interest then the military (stop and think about that).

2012/2013 Obama led government changed the GDP to count in "knowledge" items, so if you watched a re-run from Seinfeld, it counted as fresh GDP. What does that mean? Our GDP was inflated 2-2.5% a year, which means we had a recession under his watch and the dips we saw with the pandemic were 2-2.5% lower.

Couple that with the fact that with ACA we spend 0.5% of GDP (up to) on subsidies to health care insurance companies, transferred medicare/medicaid tax dollars for paid entitlements into the same programs, and put up very specific monetization rules for insurance. This means that the companies will increase as a whole the entire health care bill for all. While it is the moral thing to do it means that employers will take the money for labor and put it to health care for fewer, reducing jobs or salaries to counter it.

Lastly, the CBO doesn't count food, fuel and housing in inflation. This inflation view goes into social security raises and the raises for people working, while the real cost of living goes up 10% plus per year.

Any (and I don't care the affiliation) incumbent is complicit in this as this is the game that has been played. So if polarization is queen/king, then if you mocked tarrifs under Trump or the tax cuts to try to bring money into people's pockets on a broken system, or applauded free-trade ... this is what we voted for since the economy was not the priority. Other concerns were (and that is ok), but realize this much, the fierce tides of capitalism will make a person and people pay for poor undisciplined decisions.

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