We are the "Jedi" of the generational wars. So the Boomers "failed" to give us sufficient human mass to be able to support them, failed to even provide a stable home, failed to provide a stable economy, foisted war upon war on us, but OMFG kept telling us how awful Vietnam was.

Now (tic toc) the bill comes due from the Karmic gods, and society states and does what it does.

I do find it interesting because if the level of "neglect" via latchkey children as we grew up with hit Y/Z ... OMFG they would crumble like a rock.

What the generations don't get is this for most of us coming of age was the financial insecurities of the Black Market Crash, The Space program imploding, and the economy? Yeah lets count the economic crashes which actually started in the early 1990's.

Iraq War I, Kosovo, Black Hawk Down, 9/11 and everything else we got the smack down.

Every financial crash (remember the dot-com implosions?) Yeah baby yeah.

How about the fact Afganistan the place where world powers go to die covered nearly are entire generational life span/

Now, three cheers for the women and men having kids during this "shit show" of life. Why we made more kids then we existed as people. You know our generation did what the Boomers couldn't. i.e. do the biological imperative and make kids.

Now 2020 is here, and viola.

In the battles of life, we were given no nuclear family, no economic stability, and were required to have to suck it up buttercup because the Boomer's pain would always be greater and those poor Millennals.

So, we are survivors, we can actually survive without wifi and internet, becasuse we are the Janus generation.

The ones that sees the past (pre-Internet) and the future, and we can actually go outside with a book and not shake and die.

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