We have this perfect leather bench for putting on boot and shoes and what not. Very comfortable …. about a foot wide and about 4 feet long.

Whatever happens in life this bench is coming with me.


It is the perfect size to put someone over my lap for a proper spanking. I can straddle it or sit normally.

If this was play or maintenance, when my partner came in and saw it not in it’s right place, they would now …. they are in trouble or they are going to be smarting.

There is no greater joy than seeing the skin warm up, and if the person is white, see the pink and redness come forth.

To see the tensing of the body and holding off until the partner relaxes and delivering the smack.

As a person that is both submissive and dominant …. the bench is nice because you can secure the person to it. Since I am a larger and stronger person, I want my partner to be able to secure me as they should feel free to let loose with all of their power.

I say this with 1/2 a smirk, a glint in my eye, and with consent and love in my heart. If my next partner is a strong feminist like I hope them to be …. I would say …. please … as I was traditionally raised … can you smack the patriarchy out of me …. :)

Be well …

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