Well my partner just attempted a switch from the Pixel 2, and I will state we were under impressed with the photography and video making. The only time the camera worked well was in high light and no movement objects. Anything else …. the Pixel danced around it …..

So in a real world setting with animals (horses) …. it doesn’t come even close.

Now as for video editing it did go faster on some things, but in the end it sucked worse (using Inshot). Why? because my partner had to keep tapping the screen to stop the screen saver from going off and stopping the rendering.

On Android it multi-tasks.

Do understand I am a huge fanboy of Android, but my partner is not and just attempts to “use” the device. As for why she wanted to switch was the battery life on the Pixel 2 …. but in the end she stated if I can only really do one thing at a time (and she stated this not multi-tasking thing really sucks) what is the point. No wonder why it is faster …

The hardware was beautiful, but it also missed simple things. Like a real charger, not being USB-C, and (her words) the grade school simpleton interface for a phone …. she stated ugh it is like they made the device for stupid people why can’t I hide apps or not have anything on my screen. Also, where is my swipe down (system tray) … and how can use a device without a back button ….

But to keep on point …. Apple in the real world with photos are too dark along with the videos and the Pixel 2 line actually holds it own (barring you make sure you turn wifi off so backups don’t slam the phone while you are video recording. (note … in the texas heat of 100 with a 50/50 connection 4K video clips (60 second bursts) can make the cpu over heat and throttle and make video’s choppy). the iPhone had to turn off features under the same condition (i.e. no flash) ….

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