What a cruel cruel doctor, death by cancer or death by humiliation of not being a man.

My only advice to him would be he could be losing the natural way to produce tester-one, but he could in return gain the ability to fully control how much t-juice he has in his body.

I have my own pains with masculinity, so trust me I understand 100% what it means to question one’s manliness. For him, if you are regularly having sex, remind him getting a pharma equivalent of testerone may actually lead to better sex if he has faith and believes.

As for your personal hurt for the good or bad in life, the little brain that men have sometimes is the only thing we truly believe in as being pure and good in a life of harshness. I do know women understand this when they go through menopause, have breast cancer, have to have a hysterectomy etc … so this pain isn’t gender specific either …

Life is harsh …. but life can also be glorious if one fights the good fight with the persons they love. I hope for his health and sanity, just like I hope for yours too.

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