Emma Austin in my view what gives you great pleasure also begets pain. We deal with pain with immense pleasure.

I am not the king of the hill nor do I care to be. I never felt bad about my size or compared myself to another. I may have read erotic letters and porn that saw the women go crazy over a man's cock. A lot of times it is large, it has contrast and all that.

But you know why?

I loved seeing the woman in a deep state of pleasure, completely losing herself. Watching her cede all control and sanity, and with patriarchal issues in our society, where women just don't feel fucking safe.

Seeing her get fucked into oblivion and wanting it badly and cumming badly, is perfection as the pain and pleasure dance and turn into perfection.

I love women, I want to see them happy and fulfilled and free. It isn't about the stud and his large cock, or me being that man (or the man on the couch jacking off or restrained). It is to see the woman and man warriors in her throw down the arms and join in on the fucking.

Now I have been in situations where I just can't go all the way in. For guys that are smaller, know this. It epically sucks.

Why? There is a pleasure zone at the base of your cock. When you can go balls deep and grind against her clit, it is almost like her clit is penetrating your male recess to connect like a 9V battery.

It is where that little nub of joyous love tickles the base of your manhood, the hilt, and causes the tingle to expand from the base of your balls and the bottom of your spine to trigger the desire to cum.

You are bigger you can't do this as you will rip her cervix in too, and frankly guys. When we are in the moment, there is no stopping us from pounding away. I don't care how "sensitive" or "woke" or "beta" you are ... you will do this. It is your uncaged animal and it will come out to play.

Then when you come too, you may see her crying not a good cry. Or hold her lower part of her body in a fetal position because you just ripped up a deep place where it will take time to heal. You will cry and die inside at the time for the rest of the day you will see her grimace with every step knowing it was you who did this.

If it doesn't affect you, you need to really check yourself because you don't love her and what you just have was a mutual or singular masturbation event. It wasn't love or intimacy, it was selfishness and disconnect.

So at that moment being bigger means you will have the capacity with your most intimate part to rip her apart from both in body and soul. This will change you.

It happened to me on my first time. The girl I was with got happy, was on top in a bunk bed held on and just impaled her self on me. She screamed a violent yell and came. She looked down and was not on her period and I said was this your first time too?

She said no and OMG what did you do to me. I loved it so damn much and want more but ow. Holy hell my insides feel like they are coming out.

For me ... it reminded me as I watched a female baby sitter stimulate me to make me cum and then took a belt to it until it went down.

Fucking horrible.

If you are big, make sure you take the time to talk to her before sex. Get consent to find out how big she can take it. Masturbate with her and find out what toy size she likes and can take. Then you will know if you can truly bond without pain.

But on the flip side if you are big, learn to control yourself and live with moderation, because if you do master it.

You can stimulate her clit with a grind, pressure her g-spot, and if you aim right give her a cervical orgasm by going close enough to tickle it but not penetrate it.

You do this, she will cry. She will look at you with puppy dog eyes, and no matter how alpha she is (and this is a good thing), you will be her king to the size queen fantasy she lives and loves.

If you are small, toys can be used with a higher chance of success even with you penetrating her. So all is not lost.

Just live and love and be whole. Talk, consent, and give to others, and then she will be a size queen in the thing that matters. How big is your masculine spirit and heart, not your cock.

Great article as usual and BTW that picture selection to me personally is hot as hell. That “look” is sexy (at least to me :) ) so thanks!




Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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Alan Tegel

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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