What I am learning …. is women look at men as desirable. Personally (and this is not to throw a pity party just an observation), very few guys I know actually see themselves as being desirable. I do know several guys in my life that knew it and used it (I mean I am talking about the “ladies” men and the studs from the football team etc.

personal story:

I was visiting a friend of mine (I commuted weekly from Ohio/Indiana to the Bay Area (West bay / Redwood City / Foster City / South San Francisco). One weekend we caught up and instead of flying home I flew to the Scottsdale area to catch up with him and to go to a killer party ….

So some of his new local friends didn’t know me or our shared history, so while we were stocking up I picked up a few bags of frozen peanut m&m’s and through them in his freezer (being him I had to write my name on the bags so he and his mates knew they were “mine” [those that shared apartments know what I mean] …..

Fast forward to mid-party he was sharing a story about how he met up with some actress named Jenna J something and how she loved him and thought he was unbelievable etc … a few of the women were going crazy over it (Jenna Jameson actually I kid you not) ….. and I said nah man I can out do you. He said nah man you can’t …. look at me and look at you …

I went to the freezer and pulled out the frozen M&Ms … and said which of you ladies would like some :-)

All of them …. and they left him high and dry and he said you fucker. Now I was committed and wasn’t going in for the score but in bro-speak I had to show him off.

The point of the story was … I never saw myself as desirable “like that” or sexy or whatever …. like he did (even to this day) … I did get how graphic women were with sex and what not, but as in the core of my being of yeah she wants me physically or something like that …. not at the core.

I wonder if guys felt like this and could observe this and women could be free to do this without being slut shamed or other aspects if a better balance for men and boys could be had …..

so in the end women like you and emma could fist bump and say yeah … drop that dick baby you rock and a guy would feel proud (in a good way) …..

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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