What I am thankful for is in fighting my battles around male fragility (there is real trauma to back this not fake), it allows me to learn the most important thing in trying to help out my fellow Americans in their own personal hell.

Active Listening

So my advice to those that are white and especially if you are male is to actively listen. Read and learn about the plight and spend more than 8 seconds on these topics.

Support authors and activists (like this person) and do what you can to help in any way possible, and stand to the side and behind and provide the support you can.

What is important now is to ensure that all the privileges and respect and consistence that comes with being white is experienced by all races. That means if life is like a couch, no you can’t lay down across all the cushions and feel bad because you have to sit up and take the space of one seat. It means realizing you have been laying across all four seats and allowing three others to sit down, and also to get up so a fourth can take a break from the hardness of life.

Then as the room fills with people all four including yourself says lets save up or build another couch so more can sit together. Conversely those that bitch, whine, or complain about it ….. get the full force of the voice showing them that their view is selfish, and not helpful and they can either admit they are wrong and learn and grow, or leave the room and group and self-isolate themselves while they get the therapy and time to heal whatever trauma is causing them to be inhuman.

It is hard, it isn’t easy and but imagine this … if words are hurting you, well they hurt far less then the combat boot on the back of your neck which could end your life. So let people with real issues vent, scream and yell and don’t make it about you. Actively listen.

Thank your time and your share it is appreciative.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.