What I found after slaying the male fragility demon that was empowered by toxic cultures of masculinity is that I am so very happy to be born a man.

The thing I love the most in life hands down is women (she/they). They fill a hole and void in me that my very strong masculinity loves to the core/bone.

I will help kindred brothers and men, who follow my strong ethical and moral beliefs with equality and taking care of children and women and those that are weak.

But every day I wake up and I sit back and enjoy the pure beauty of feminine grace.

Personal Share:

I prefer only female doctors. So I had issues with dental stuff that was “odd”, and the female dentist (she is top-notch) actually found the root cause and resolved it and made it happen. All that was used as a simple topical and she literally put a crown and dug at a tooth for 3 hours. She kept saying are you sure you can go on?

I was like sure go on. I used meditation and when the discomfort was there I look at her pretty earring and thought happy thoughts of women I loved and made love to while breathing.

After it was done, I said wow that sucked but you know what. Now we know why all the bad stuff happened (and frankly it may be a reason my allergies were so bad the last 18 months). So I said, can you order me prescription-strength ibuprofen because I sense that well my mouth is going to really hurt later. She asked how about Midol? I said sure good enough for women under monthly pain, good enough for a man :). She laughed. As she is Asian (hails from Irvine schooled at my arch-nemesis Michigan and doing her work in Texas), I stated … yeah I feel like Udon Soup today will be in order.

She said … oh that sounds good

Nature then gave me an extra smile, because I said what the hell, I will go to the pharmacy in town. Why? I thought I remembered it was a pharmacy run by women. Surprise! All women. So that made my day as I felt the numbness go away (the topical was only for 2 hours and the work went 3 …

So, while I was in pain. Women helped me, take care of me, healed me, and then mother nature said … let me give you some more enjoyment.

So I got my hugs back in return.

Thank you for the kind response and I hope you are well and safe and helathy.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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