What I have enjoyed and cringe when I review how I have acted over the decades is your writing. It provides a window into the soul of womanhood that is really helpful.

I believe from a guy POV, what happens is a realization happens with a lot of guys that their depth of humanity is not the same as his partner.

It is a pretty hard realization as a man when you realize the emotional tanks are empty and the cupboards are sparse.

My share from my work for guys reading this, is it is really critical if you are there to share that with your partner. If the woman is equivalent of Yael and others, they will step up and bring shovels to dig a deeper path to improve your humanity, and stock the cupboards with humanity goods.

But by far if you are a guy searching and reading (kudos to you especially if you don't troll), working on this by yourself makes you an infinitely better man.

This lack of masculinity and suitable partners is not a problem for women to solve. IT is a thing men and guys and boys need to work on together.

This is my opinion of course fwiw ...

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