What I have found playing both sides of the sex pond :), is that the biggest sex organ is the brain.

Active listening is the best foreplay, a willingness to be all-in with your partner no matter what is asked (albeit some redlines do exist mind you).

And adapting on the fly.

As a guy what I suggest to other guys, is that if you are traditional and don't use all of your body and parts to orgasm, you only have "one" shot for most and if you are healthy and in shape maybe 2 or 3.

Understand this, a liberated and safe woman will blow through those "3" in short order and you will find yourself weaponless.

So be like the WWI West Virginia sniper who had to hold a hill with something like 15 bullets.

Make every damn one count. That means you need to make her engage all her senses and lose herself completely and burn energy running up that hill to your main "pole".

What you will find if you care for this person is you will get a contact buzz orgasm (my made up words) from her cumming.

At the end of the fun, there is no greater feeling than seeing her cry or giggle or fall asleep in your arms from sheer exhaustion.

Appreciate like Julia says because I am very happy to be a man, because I get to observe the most beautiful things in life which are women.

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