What I have observed (and I am trying to write this as sensitively as possible), is that as women gain more power and equality is seen, they also inherit what happens to men from the age of puberty.


Scratch your head? Stop and think about how awkward a guy acts when he actually gets positive attention. It is like pouring a glass of water on a hard desert floor. It spreads out and grows thin to the point it evaporates into the air before being sucked up.

So what was the purview of women in the 50s and 60s in a patriarchal view now is being accelerated down the pipe to the 30s for women?

How is this accelerating? IMO, it is due to the fact that were in patriarchal systems the female reproductive parts and system was revered as "most" valued and valuable, now through current selling of intimacy as currency and women's liberation with proper sexual practices (no problems from me as a man, I am all for this mind you) is not.

What is the most valuable currency? Real and authentic masculinity. It has become so rare and hidden that a large population of people desiring it do anything humanly possible to quench their thirst (and there is nothing wrong with desire on the point of the person desiring it either).

So what does that mean to media? Anything that can gleam the attention of the "man" is deemed high value, and right now women and society are reverting to old school methods.

The work to fix this is far harder than one may realize. It means investing in boys and men and getting them raised up in positive masculinity terms, so all ages appreciate women of all ages and types.

Then people will enjoy people for their uniqueness and qualities, not their age and packaging.

Your writing is awesome, unique and wonderful. I have limited time so I try to curate and read a variety of sources, and yours is good.

So keep on keeping on (to quote McLyte) ...

If you want to talk about invisible, think about the lack of depth of men in media (real men), fatherhood, and other aspects …

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