What I imagine is a world where women don't feel fear over basic things every day. For me if that takes making sure they are in control for a while, that is ok.

Now for some folks they will fear this because they fear that women will never give back control.

I have found women to self regulate better then men, and in the end control and all voices are heard.

Point example for my life. As a humblebrag, I am very very good at my job. I have the ability to do what it takes 5-7 people to do, and I have the ability to work a solution out of an impossible scenario, and conversely. I also say no.

I rotated under a female VP who heard of me and my antics, and then got to observe what I did. Her comment was "how do we not have a backup for this guy?" He is beyond critical to keeping things working.

So I helped find someone, trained him and had a backup, then management came in and me and my backup got transferred, and in a year they let go the backup. Care to guess what gender that management decision was?

Fast forward to 2020. In 2018, I predicted again a shit load of pain and told folks no no no don't do this. Well they did something and then were surprised when a lot of things blew up. Fast forward through 2020, and now upper management is concerned because I am saying "no" again. Then it happened.

Call with a CTO, and one person stated why the hell is *that* set of testing taking 30 days? I stated, PTO.


I stated I am on PTO, you all know I have horse shows in October that I manage a farm solo (this year cancelled), I visit my parents in Ohio (which I now cancelled) for Thanksgiving.


Someone steps up and says. How are you expecting Al to work through Xmas and Thanksgiving? Why is there no backup.


So ... now I am back under the female VP before, and now there is headcount.

Women have been foresight to making things happen. The problem though is there is always a bad actor or three (even on the female side) who makes life hell.

IF I take my situation of well fuck there goes the holidays, and can be stressed about that. I can easily imagine how a woman would be like fuck I can't orgasm or feel good because that knock on the door or the lights may go out, or can I eat? Happens.

So we definitely need more balance with women feeling safe and balance in leadership.

We also need to educate men to become more valuable and engaged in helping make that happen too. It takes two to tango and for some folks/guys that dont' get it, they may listen to a man telling them to back off until they can be educated.

As for women, they should feel safe to say no you aren't the quality of man I want or desire. Shape up please and step back and educate yourself ...

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