What I learned in my travels in life (poor man's analogy) was that women were like diesel engines in the cold upper midwest.

Some engines start fast and quick, others not so much, but there was one thing that made it work.

Preparation and maintenance (aka care) is what makes it start up and always start with no issues.

That means making sure you have good diesel, no water in the diesel and the right additives. Making sure if you can plug an electric cable to keep the engine block warm is another thing. Making sure you keep the tank full would be another.

What society and genderized assumptions don't take in account though, as women age they know their body and they become better at "starting" and going as one ages.

As men age, the other effect happens ... as such the roles reverse. Women given learning the challenges earlier and working on them usually respond better in the long term, versus men on average who says ... look at me my stick goes boom and I like it :)

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