What I observed but won't judge is this.

Some women become vocal about gun control only after a school shooting where they are affected.

Abortion rights only when they are dating and mating, but with the cavaet if they find the "one" and he is conservative well time to get bendy.

Feminism is great until it affects their job or their relationships.

My view is it is called selective feminism, where it is selected only under optimal conditions.

Against homosexuality? Well, there could be the fear it reduces the pool of acceptable men for them.

Against open sexuality and liberation? Well it may make them look less appealing.

In the past I was called out for pointing out statistics and facts, and in some areas it was pretty apparant. One of the was deaths in Chicago which there is a website that has a fantastic interface. My feedback?

Conservatives loved it and liberals hated it. My point as I shook my head was ... this isn't about politics. It is about the fact that every 12-13 hours someone is shot, and 3-4 hours someone dies. This is not right, and removing a tool doesn't solve it. We are broken we need to talk and do differently.

Conversations stopped, because it became uncomfortable. We need to have folks understand with some issues we need to live in a world of ANDs and not ORs. Economically in our country we need to understand the pie is going to shrink, so we need to have both private and consented choice where people agree to share. Not forced consent, as some folks like to do ...

It takes both genders to solve the issues of society, and right now there are some fantastic women doing the work, but not enough, and of course there are not enough men.

As for SB8, I am disgusted. If I could get pregnant, I would die first. But I can't so I can't force my belief on another, and I won't. But for that wicked $10K and up bill, I would have them sue the man for impregnating the woman and say .... you are compicit. If that actually happened, you can bet dollars to donuts that the law would change asap.

My belief life starts at conception with the spark of life, but this is my belief and my choice. I will never force it on another, since I am not God and I can't judge.

Those that judge like this are committing a fatal sin in God's eyes, so I hope they like the fact that by supporting this and judging .... not only are they not good persons, or feminists but heathens ....

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.