What I see people not getting is this:

IF you go in person and vote and if your county is like mine with electronic and paper, then you have 100% confidence it is ok.

If you are paper oriented, you are far better protected then mail-in because you showed up so they are required to use multiple methods to deal with accuracy issues on the spot.

IF you mail in and there is any doubt, they can put you into a pile that says we will only use this if it becomes statistically relevant, and we will require the voter to come to us to question the check.

How many people will actually do that?

If people cared, truly cared, then they would have made sure every election was improving on the electronic and paper view.

My county did, and the results for 134K population county with 86K voters was submitted to the newspaper at 1023pm Dallas Time.

Yes, the results were tabulated and done done (all in person, early, and mail in votes).

Folks will say well your country is smaller, but my rebuke is we have less human resources to do this then a larger group.