What I thought in the previous decade (the 2010s) I thought we might see in the 2030s; however, due to COVID and the forcing out of the baby boomers out of the labor market, we will get to see this start to happen this decade.

The media currently is fascinated by the women-cession of 2020, but they were mute and continue to be mute from the he-cession of 2008 that has arced through 2020. If we step back from 2014-2018, folks clamored about how great free-trade was and how we should continue to embrace it. The thing is it was the final "checkmate" for a lot of the non-college-educated as most jobs in private industry were outsourced.

What does that leave? Service jobs and local government manufacturing jobs, which require robust private taxation and profits to fund the revenue to build those bridges and everything else.

That means men will need to adapt and from the data, they aren't and we are starting to see a permanent welfare class happening. Look at IRS tax data, 70% of the tax revenue is collected by the top 10% of the income distribution, which means 14.5 million people deal. The next 15% pick up nearly 30%, so tell me how will 30 million people with companies fund the country of 330 million? There is no way we can grow and support it using the status quo.

So with that framework talked to, women have worked hard, take the gross responsibility of sexual intercourse (heterosexual) and risk, so one can't blame them for having requirements and requests of their partners to show they are worth it. One of those can be a job and some version of success. This means being good at what they do and showing some ability to grow, be consistent, and show reliability. People mistake the salary as the "show", and while there is a part good reason for it, it isn't all of it.

So women unless they are extremely thirsty, are not going to spend it on unattractive as human beings "guys". This is their right in an equal world.

That being said, in areas like college, where things have switched at 60/40 ratios if we are truly serious about equality. They have to implement similar programs for men (white and non-white). To do so means the talk and work for equality were just about power and not for humanity. They are the purest form of hypocrites.

Now, in America, we are now approaching a choice. We print fake money to fund the entitlements and use inflation to try to minimize the impact that the Boomers failed to procreate. That means rationing of medical services and the "Death boards" that were talked to during ACA in the early 2010s. It also means that when their virtual $5 trillion chits get spent, and they have to rely on the general fund when our politicians pull their lock up the government, their checks stop. Also, it means the resources (limited) will need to be spent on the children and people producing.

Men need to step up, grow, and be better and more valuable if they desire coupled intimacy with a woman (presuming CIS-hetero). Period. It is time to adult up.

As for women, you are free to set the bar to whatever you desire and want if you are doing the job with one caveat. The romantic fantasy of men paying for dates by default (i.e. without pre-consent discussion), and those catering to the traditional alpha males (think sports stars, rock stars, the wealthy or as I have read the three-sixes (6 pack, 6 figure, 6 foot), will need to be put to rest. Those that cling on and enforce that given wealth and power and access privilege will be creating the rise of the equivalent of a toxic culture of masculinity, with the gender-swapped out with femininity.

There are data points, which I can find out where over the past 20 years the marriage rates dropped from 11 per 1000 to something like 5-6 per 1000. I believe given how we all do not talk it will drop to 2-3 per 1000.


As that happens, more men will be doing the sexual intimacy dance solo, as will more women, and while it is good for small periods of time, it will not be good for the health and minds of all people individually or society as a whole.

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