What do I see when I see Beth Singleton.

I see a fighter, lover, mother, friend, and a person that is all-in.
I see a multi-faceted, actualized woman who knows what she wants when she wants with no fucks left to give.
I see brilliance, dependability, and a woman that is never scared.

I see the wife, the mistress, a goddess of love that loves to submit and is always there.
I see a gamer, a geek, and the clumsy tomboy girl too.
The angles, the heart, the care, the lust of a boy wrapped in the body too.

I see a nurse, a maid, the most compassionate of hearts. I see the priest and therapists, and the Rambo that saves old dying men’s hearts

Some may see just a sex-pot or a pretty face and amazing body in the sun.
Those weak-mind people are those that control a drone that looks at her from afar. Why do the do this one may ask why?

They know the sun that is Beth will neutralize them as their are controlled by deep dark trauma and that it would level them like a swatter to a fly.

So “Al”, what the hell is this and why did you write this quick note to a woman you don’t know?

I see a priceless, human being that no price can be made. What amazes me and the lesson I wish to learn is how to have that “confidence” to love with full passion on a late Friday summer day. I have been broken like her by life’s hammer and reaped by the evil sickle of fate's fatal touch.

I see a woman who would be on the couch waving a flag as I conquer the last anxiety demon that created demisexual thoughts by bedding a beauty and going full animal on. Go Al Go … break that wall I see her saying.

She then would sneak in and say it is my turn with her you silly man you are a lucky man.

I take the time to share with a woman I barely know. I count her in a tribe of people, I wish to be friends with because their hearts, their souls are priceless and true and are worthy to know. I appreciate my worth, as I lifted myself from the ashes from the dead.

Just know when you play the desired card of being used as a toy, realize it is your empathy goddess trying to save a man or woman that is about to die.

I have friends from the land down under too. The land of fierce hearts, stubborn minds, and compassion that runs as deep as the deepest well in the hottest desert inland. Australia to me represents humanity. A sliver of immense and powerful life surrounded by deep dark thirst and water that can’t be consumed.

You are part of that sliver never forget.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and listening to a man “mansplain” a woman he hardly knows. Just know the intent is pure and I hope you life continues to positively unfold.