What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Do I mind this situation? No. It allows people perspective if they look, listen, and think and watch their emotions.

Now, the messaging will be important also, because if one overly cheers for this and they also claim to be all-in for diversity and equality, they will have a negative check mark against them because those for equality would ensure a 50/50 balance of gender and identity throughout the programs.

Remember feminism was about equality for all genders and fairness in treating one another without bias and to help people regulate stereotypes. This action goes counter to that core messaging.

If one cheers replacing a patriarchal system with a matriarchal based system, then one should check their core intent since there is bias and revenge at play.

If we use graduate based achievements and other aspects women are excelling far more than men, so as such they should have and hold more seats in positions of powers.

But in the end society will be gauged by the weakest links in society. A fantastic and over achieving woman can be taken down by a man who refuses vaccines and breaths COVID and takes out family and loved ones or the woman itself.

Do we desire feral beasts because revenge based action and intent, and then desire to beat one gender into a forced consent situation?

One can cheer that the patriarchy is dead, but if it leaves a power vacuum one should also remember far worse devils can be spawned and deeper chaos can happen.

America does not have the productivity, it's wealth is illusionary, and large tracts of the country under the current political leadership of the DNC "and" the GOP over the past 50 years has led them to turn into late 19th century based societies.

People bemoan the great loss of American prestige with European and other countries. The reality is they can look at 'us' and say gee you can't even manage a vast majority of your country from sliding into third world status. Maybe you should focus less on everyone else and your beliefs and more on making sure you have the ability to produce masks, medical saline, and basic human service goods.

Folks will say, sure! Our leadership is here to make that happen, but then the first action one does is this ...

People should be ready for dark days for the next few years and when the economic blight demon or horse"person" rides, who is in charge won't matter. Because 73% of America will not be listening at all to DC. (apathetics + GOP), so DC will be talking into an echo chamber.

Is this comment negative? No. It is a realistic comment, because if people can't critically think and come back with hard emotions, then we are living in real denial of how bad off this country is.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.