What is great and Yael Wolfe might like this too. In Gainesville, TX, they had a picture of a little girl being the good witch. It was very cute and positive.

Fast Forward to the fact that Sherman, TX gave a surprise $1000 bonus to teachers due to covid work.

I am gobsmacked at the land (Texoma) and there has to be something here, because two Native American Tribes are settled over the Red River.

I told my mother and I didn't mean to be mean but in 2016, I actually felt like I found a home. As a guy that travelled "a lot', i.e. to the tune I believe of ~1.5 million miles in the air. For an area to take a nomadic spirit and plant him/he, should say something.

I don't believe it is delusional on your part at all. My really close friends (esp. female) my number one concern if I screw up is that I disappoint them.

Any whooo ... Be well and blessed be to you on this new year!

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