What makes a bad "girlfriend"?

One who lies to her partner or lies to herself about the shared relationship.

One who limits herself for another.

One who shames or blames her partner for his personality and things that should be a non-issue.

One who limits her partners.

Only enough money for one concert ticket and a guy you seriously fancy? Go watch and enjoy and be happy and extra happy if things turn out "extra" fun. But you do have to share the joy and love and also allow for fun competition and sharing and joy with the primary partner. Some guys would say I want to be able to "reclaim" you consensually of course, or from a woman perspective, you love love love sex, well the fun spent with him :) time to increase your workload sister! :)

Live in another country for a dream job? Whatever you do he should have the same free access path, but one should always talk about all things.

Relationships are more than physical intimacy, it is about the threads between two people's hearts. No walls, no scissors, no hate.

If you are climbing the mountains and taking names, the woman should be proud of her male's conquests too (assuming cleanliness is done).

Liberated and free women provide the highest quality and best love. Because it is truly and freely given. I believe women love to see a man in reverse the same way along with the spark ....

Be well and travel on (once COVID is done), and remember you are the perfect type of “bad” in a woman that is a dream :)

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