What sucks about this election is it drained my muse from the toxicity of everything ...

My advice from a guy to a girl, edging.

Build up the wall and energy, and stop

But spread it out a bunch and like you stated use a variety of techniques.

Since I was limited due "life shit", I stopped cold prone masturbation and focused on what guys all know, and it is really neat.

Prone masturbation is very very powerful orgasm wise. What I found with hand (using a guy comparison) is I can play with getting close and stopping with more control since I know how I feel due to the other methods.

So you are 110% correct, time and patience and practice. Also, if you are partnered this is something that can be done with a partner sans penetration. That maybe far more intimate if both partners have powerful orgasms the way they like it best and then cuddle in the afterglow.

Win win ...

Great article as always!

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