Alan Tegel
2 min readAug 17, 2020


What the fuck is wrong with guys. If you a guy has an issue with consent and age may I suggest four simple equations, where I assume heterosexual engagement.

<18 = <18 = good

If you can’t consent with an adult you can have sex with each other.

18 = <20 = good

Drop the non-10s digit so 10=10. Edgy, but with the realm of ok.

20 = 20–25

Same rule as above with the condition of you can go to college and see each other and have to fight for the same low paying service job, or round down.

22+ = 1/2 your age +7

My theory from college (90s) which I found out later in life has been talked about for ages. Google it and you will see what I mean.

Me personally, I had a woman friend who had a daughter in this basket. The mother was and still is super attractive. She was literally a spitting image of her.

My comment was both sitting at a bar and I see them both, the mother is the one for me as I prefer a woman close to my age.

If as a guy, you find yourself falling into the lust trap and can’t stop yourself, then when you stupidly ask or say something to her. Make sure the question is this.

Is your mother single and is she dating? I would love to meet her.

Even that is creepy AF, but call that the ejector seat to the shit house in your brain.

18 is on the edge of <18, and that means this human being can’t consent.

No consent = no sex

This is black and white.

Break this and you as a biological male deserve to be taken by this Texas man and any other “real” man and taken behind the barn, where the group that goes behind there comes back with one less.



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