Alan Tegel
1 min readJul 23, 2020


When a woman is strong and the fiercest being, needy in bed is the sexiest thing on this planet.

If it extends out of the bedroom, then men need to switch off their "Dick chip" and turn on the "soul" chip.

Active listening is the cuddling of the needy, and loving touches is the cure.

So with your list for your mate ...

Take a mascare brush and start from the toes and cause bumps all the way up. Then finish with the ears. Treat it like you are painting a fine model boat that you will put into a bottle to be seen centuries later.

At that moment in missionery show the enthiusim after inserting the first time sitting there. Grab her face and look at her eyes and connect the souls.

Then move slowly reaffirming your love for her with your words.

For the hotness of Meaghan ..... the man should be the cool water to cool the fusion reactor called Meaghan.

If you aren't willing to lay for hours in bed cuddling, then you should not go there for sex. Cuddle and don't let her go (consensually of course)

And no means no ... it doesn't mean ask again.



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