When every issue is a nail bring a hammer.

One of the things that always made me grind my teeth on this topic, was the overly liberal application of this psychological term in the mainstream.

What this topic shows for some is how abrasive it can be to one gender when it is used outside the work of therapy and with trained professionals.

What was interesting to me is when this popped up, I always stated to the people "having" a discussion that for the unexperienced and uneducated the phraseology is a direct link to the entire gender because it forces bias and assumptions.

I literally had several people, who actually told me to get over it because it was just an adjective ...

Toxic natures when it comes to society are based upon standards built and in this case in a heirarchal one (based on patriarchy), there is a feminine and masculine set of emotional responses that are toxic.

The Weaponization of sex might be considered one trait (though men later in coupled life do this in return interestingly enough by starving their partner)

"Mean Girls" mentality would be another aspect (though degendered it would be "bullying".

Etc etc.

That is why I always. try to say Toxic "Culture of" Masculinity/Femininity

One needs to associate the word toxic to traits or culture based around the gender not on the gender itself ...

It sucks we have to live like this, but talking about it is the first step in dealing with the situation.

My experience? I learned about this "in therapy" back in 2016/2017 ...

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