When given a plethora of choices, it is natural to set up filters. It is even more important so to do so in a transactional style application.

In real life, that is where it gets murkier. One can have sexual preference standards and that is ok, but some of the ones that appear to go over the edge are the ones that are part of their core being.

Gender, Sexuality, etc.

As for body positivity, that is also a preference and you having certain standards is a-ok, but realize that you are also stating that you are ok with being judged based upon a body type and standard (equality you know).

If it is made at the base and start of a relationship, one might have to realize that this might be a cornerstone in the entire relationship. Which means once someone doesn't meet the sexual preference boundaries it is game over.

You call out the important part, the sum of the pros need to outweigh the cons.

Sexual interest and friendship interest is all about building a bridge between two individuals so they can find out if they can fill each other's missing puzzle pieces. One doesn't want to be too thirsty or indifferent in the game of love or friendship.

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