When I feel the urge to go there, I pick up my ereader and read. I have three local newspapers and two on my kindle and some monthlies.

It stinks in a way since my reading of medium is down, but if I spend time on the computer better here then the other places.

You are absolutely correct on the AI and the work behind the scenes (I work in high tech and know / get the algo). What I noticed lately is it is trying to connect me to friends of friends and digging deep to get me to interact with college friends and what not.

Now I don't mind that at all, but I don't make it my life mission. Before I read this article, it hit me. A very adversely person I would "discuss" with passion (ha some good some bad some whatever), posted a response which I took the time to respond. He responded back (three times) as another person did. I looked at the timestamps ... time to respond for me 20 hours.

Dopamine delayed .... for now I am using the George Constanza way of thinking .... I am going to do X ... and now I will go the opposite direction :) take that AI :D

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