When I interact with people that I find really attractive after the mood has passed, I try to think about why I find that person attractive and what am I missing in my current relationships that makes that person appear better then what I have and I process it.

I agree men should manage their sexuality just like women do. That being said, it is interesting to watch women slide into the realm of teenage boy later in life. The only thing that is unfair is they are mature and have had a few decades to be able to process it better than a 8–12 year old boy. That being said …. girls have the same hormonal mix too so one can’t use biology as a “panacea” for everything.

But I think guys who are within the realm of ok but not great get this more later in life when the roles flip (and they do) between men and women in heterosexual relationships (presuming traditional and monogamous)

They realize they don’t have the horsepower to satisfy their partner and don’t get that being vulnerable provides women just as much or even more satisfaction then the act itself (for most women).

There are shitty women just like there are shitty men.

As I enjoy erotica and consensual power play and other aspects. One wonders what kind of world we would have if men had some kind of enforced chastity and the vasectomies so women and girls were 100% free and in charge and men learned the importance of being all in with relationship and managing their sexuality lest it be managed by someone else …

Do note this last paragraph is purely a deviant thought and not meant to be actually what happens in real life as body autonomy and consent matters.

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