When people yell "never Trump" they are the diametrically opposed version of those that said "never Hillary". Sure the morals and beliefs are the same, but net-net sadly the logic train is identical.

By selecting Biden over far more qualified people like Kamala, or Warren, or Bernie, one is deciding to choose for "the lesser of evils" approach.

One can say we have to get the swing voters (btw I am one as a liberal republican), and that makes perfect strategic sense.

The thing is this. Team Trump can literally bring out every decision and "ACTION" Biden did over his entire career. It isn't about the 8 years he was driven by Team Obama as he sat in the back seat.

It is all about his career prior to 2008.


So get ready for every awkward nonconsensual hug which breaks in a black and white world of consent the same thing as a statement in word of "grab'm by the pussy(cat)" .... and viola

For swing voters the identity politics callouts, which were necessary in my view, are nullified.

If the strategists is good, they can warp the message in saying the group is hypocritical because while they pound the pulpit for immigrants and income inequality, when it is show time, one picks a republican-lite.

Health care mess? Trump sucks at Covid? Well ACA was fucked up and folks will say but the GOP? Well, politicians are graded on their ability to work with the minority and pass bills. For 2 years, they had filibuster proof majorities and got a law that only survived SCOTUS because it was a tax. That tax was nullified in Trump's term, so effectively ACA died on the vine.

This lists can go on and on.

Lastly, one question for those in the DNC seats, which BTW I voted in the DNC primary for Warren.

What did Biden exactly do to impress people during the debates of 20 plus people. What fantastic set of discussions and policies did he do to nullify an excellent Warren, Kamala, or Buttgrieg, or Bernie?

Did he use "any" of his white male privilege to run the gauntlet?

These are questions people need to think about and ask. There are no judgements from me, but if the response is "never Trump" .... please review your thoughts and of course vote for your desires.

But also understand post 2020, the seeds we sow today, will bloom for 2021-2024, and if we have gridlock and the political polarity changes.

Don't be surprised when votes are needed for some of the populace (93% plus if I use my paradigm of voting and thought) will look at the Flag, and take a knee.

They will say ... but the kids, the taxes, or the funding?

They will take a knee and boycott every liberal company institution, and meanwhile ... the Chinese and N. Korean and Russian actors will spin them up and keep us from uniting, while the world burns down.

I am always here for policy talk and discussion, the question is will their be others?

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.